Renovation & Construction

If you are planning  to build or perform renovations on your lot Contact the Board.

Property owners are reminded that our Covenants require prior approval by the Board of Directors of any construction or renovation on your property. More specifically, prior approval is required for the construction of any building (including sheds and garages), decks, fences, wall structures, driveways, or other improvements (including major landscaping).

Construction may not begin until the Board has had thirty days to review detailed written plans and specifications for suitability and compliance with the Covenants. This is typically a proposal review to make sure set back and property line restrictions are met, the proposed structure is harmonious with surrounding structures and, in the case of driveways, water run-off does not adversely affect road maintenance or other properties.

Please use the LRVPOA project approval form to describe your project. Please use this fillable PDF project_approval_form.  This form along with other written plans should be sent to the Association’s address,

Lost River Valley Property Owners Association
PO Box 40
Lost River, WV 26810

or emailed to a Board Member. If you have any questions about a project, please contact any Board member.

A sliding scale of construction fees is collected depending upon the amount of additional traffic the job puts on Association roads. These voluntary contributions can be submitted at our mailing address above, or the PayPal form at the bottom of this page.

Construction and renovation projects require heavy trucks to transport cement, lumber and other materials. The additional vehicular traffic causes wear and tear to Association roads. The membership of the Association voted at its 2007 annual meeting to ask a property owner wishing to undertake an improvement project to make a voluntary contribution to the Association’s road fund in an amount, as outlined below. that reflects the amount of heavy traffic the project will impact the roads.

1. New Home

2. Major Renovation/Major Landscaping
Adds 50% or more square footage to current structure, and/or 15 or more truck loads of fill material.

3. Minor Renovation/Minor Landscaping
Adds less than 50% square footage to current structure, and/or 14 or less truck loads of fill material.

4. Other Improvement
Job takes more than 5 working days.

5. Small Jobs
Job takes 5 or less work days, e.g. storage shed or decking.
No Fee

Also, all LRVPOA owners who undertake renovation and/or construction projects are encouraged to use only licensed service providers. The licenses of service providers can be verified online via the West Virginia Department of Labor’s web site by clicking here.

Payments of Voluntary Construction/Improvement Contributions & General Contributions

New Home Construction’ Voluntary Contribution to LRVPOA $300.00

‘Minor Renovation/Minor Landscaping’ Voluntary Contribution to LRVPOA $200.00

Other Improvement’ Voluntary Contribution to LRVPOA $100.00

Voluntary Contribution to LRVPOA $50.00