Annual Dues


  • Annual Association dues are assessed to all property owners primarily to fund the maintenance of community association roads.
  • Invoices for the 2019 LRVPOA dues assessment cycle were mailed in early February, with payments due March 31, 2019.
  • Payments received more than 30 days past the due date will be assessed a $5.00 late fee and 9% annual interest calculated monthly for each past-due assessment.

Online Payments of Annual LRVPOA
Member Dues

You may use PayPal for online payment of your annual dues online, for making a voluntary contribution to the LRVPOA for construction, or in addition to your annual dues. Please select from the options below.

Use the “Full Member Dues Lot” or “Half Member Dues Lot” buttons to add the correct payment amount(s) to your shopping cart. Simply select your three digit invoice number, as shown on your invoice as “Invoice #”, from the drop down menu. Then click “Add to Cart”. The shopping cart will appear on the righthand side of this web page

If you own multiple lots, repeat the process to add additional Full and Half Lot amounts as needed. If you add too many, or make a mistake, this can be corrected before you check out. To help us keep our mailing list current, PayPal will ask you for a shipping address; please use your current mailing address for this.

You also can use this function to submit voluntary construction/improvement contributions to LRVPOA, or a general contribution to LRVPOA without the use of your three digit invoice number.

Full Member Dues Lot $182.00 ($175.00 plus PayPal fees)    

3 Digit Invoice Number :

Half Member Dues Lot $94.00 ($87.50 plus PayPal fees)

3 Digit Invoice Number :

Payments of Voluntary Construction/Improvement Contributions & General Contributions

‘New Home Construction’ Voluntary Contribution to LRVPOA $300.00

‘Major Renovation/Major Landscaping’ Voluntary Contribution to LRVPOA $250.00

‘Minor Renovation/Minor Landscaping’ Voluntary Contribution to LRVPOA $200.00

‘Other Improvement’ Voluntary Contribution to LRVPOA $100.00

Voluntary Contribution to LRVPOA $50.00