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Trash Concerns


Dear LRVPOA Community:

As many of you are probably aware, new construction in LRVPOA, an increase in the number of full-time residents, and property owners who are renting homes, have resulted in an increase of those depositing trash. This is overwhelming the shed at Settlers Valley Way. In addition, the condition of the trash storage at the entrance to Meadow Lane is clearly insufficient.

Those who own property in the LRVPOA bear the responsibility to either have an account with ENVIRCO or to otherwise remove trash from the community.  The LRVPOA Board, though concerned with the situation, also notes that trash removal is not in our covenants or bylaws and thus, does not fall directly under our oversight. In consultation with several concerned members of the community, we believe we have arrived at the best solution.

We are asking for contributions toward the cost of a new trash collection center (see picture) which will replace the current structure. The total cost of purchasing and constructing the new shed is approximately $3,000.


-The new trash shed will replace the current “doll house” and will be placed in the same location. It is approximately four times the size of the current structure. The property is owned by the Gary and Jesse Halpern-Robinson and they are graciously allowing the trash shed to remain in this location.

-All contributions will go directly to the purchase and construction of the new shed. 

-Property owners from the Settlers Valley Way region (including Whispering Pines Way, Valley View Drive, Toms Knob Approach, Walnut Ridge Road, Hunters Ridge, and Spurs Access), Moonshine Hollow, and Meadow Lane areas will all use the new structure but only in coordination with their ENVIRCO accounts.* Association members in the Wild life area (Pleasant Valley Drive and Fox Squirrel Road) should continue to use their current structure which appears to be in good condition, but also only in coordination with their ENVIRCO accounts

Those who are regularly renting out their properties. those who are developing and therefore, increasing the number of homes in the LRVPOA, and those who are full-time residents are especially encouraged to make contributions to this endeavor.

-We will begin collecting contributions now through June 30th. Checks should be made to the Lost River Valley Property Owners Association (LRVPOA) with designation made in the lower left-hand corner, “Trash Shed Donation.”

*We will be accepting checks at our annual meeting this Saturday – please bring your checkbooks! Contributions may also be mailed to LRVPOA, P.O. Box 40, Lost River, WV 26810

Or you may use PayPal:

Voluntary Donation to LRVPOA $25.00 
Clicking the button will add a $25 donation increment to your cart – for example – to donate $100, you will need to click the button four times, etc.

By the way, contributions will also be graciously accepted from those who do not use the trash receptacle. Those of us who do not use any of the trash receptacles should bear in mind the improvement to the overall community with the installation of this new structure.

Thank you for your consideration. We look forward to seeing you at our Saturday meeting, June 1st at 1:00 p.m. – The Guest House Lost River.