What is the speed limit in the LRVPOA?

15 mph is the posted speed on association roads. Please respect the safety of others, and protect the condition of our roads. Have friends and visitors coming from out of town? Let them know ahead of time to prepare to relax and share the roads.

What roads does the LRVPOA maintain?

The Association maintains about eleven miles of private roads.

When does the LRVPOA meet?

Property owners meet annually (always the first Saturday in June) to conduct business and elect officers.

What do I do with my trash?

If you do not have a contract for trash disposal with a local provider, all trash must go home with you

Do I need permission to cut down trees on my property to sell?

Yes. Commercial logging is the cutting down and removal of trees on an owner’s lot for which the owner is paid a sum of money, whether in fact or in kind. Any commercial logging in the association needs prior approval along with a road damage security deposit. Please read article XIII of the By-Laws

Am I responsible for keeping the culvert in my driveway clean?

Yes. All property owners with a culvert must keep these clear. The more frequently they are cleaned, the easier they are to maintain. This protects the association roads and driveways from washout.

What do I need to do if i am building or performing renovations on my lot?

Contact the Board. The Board needs to review plans for construction of new houses, renovation of existing properties and other improvements for suitability and compliance with the Covenants.

A sliding scale of construction fees is collected depending upon the amount of additional traffic the job puts on Association roads.

How do I find local news?

Check out The Moorefield Examiner and the Inter-Mountain online, or strike up a conversation with folks at the Arts & Crafts Co-op, Farmer’s Market, The General Store, The Grill and The Guesthouse.