2015 Meeting Minutes


Lost River Valley Property Owners’ Association
Annual Meeting
June 6, 2015

Call to Order

Board members present: Belynda Hicks, President, Richard Parry, Treasurer, Philip Robey, Secretary, DeWayne Lawrence, Member-at-Large (Roads).

Not Present: Jan Brito, Vice President

The meeting commenced at 1:03 p.m. with a quorum of members in attendance as determined by Belynda Hicks, President; verified by Philip Robey, Secretary. Belynda directed the membership’s attention to the meeting agenda and asked if there were any additions to which the membership responded that there were not.

The minutes from the June 7, 2014 annual meeting were approved unanimously.

Treasurer’s Report — Richard Parry

Richard Parry reported that actual 2014 expenses were $40,333, less than originally budgeted. Fall road work was limited due to construction work by Hardy Telecommunications (resulting in a transient cost savings). Actual 2014 income was $44,016. The reserve fund balance stands at $60,595. This has not been used but may be relied upon to pay for future road work.

For 2015, expenses are expected to be $49,950. This includes $5,000 for tree trimming and $1,000 for a donation to the Mathias-Baker Fire Department (includes a $500 catch-up donation for 2014). The forecast for the reserve fund is $61,895.

In response to a question on how the Board comes to a decision on what trees were selected for removal, Belynda Hicks noted that the general approach was to survey trees that are within 20 from center of road if they are dead or heavily diseased, and there was a reasonable expectation that the tree would eventually come down across association roads.

Joe Keyerleber said that there were several trees that look dead on Settlers Valley Way. Blair Mastal responded that they are dying and he has had an arborist who says they will come back.

Blair Mastal asked about delinquencies on payment of dues. Richard responded that he continues to contact those who are delinquent through the annual assessment process. Jamie Coley asked whether LRVPOA rules allow owners who are delinquent to have a proxy vote; Belynda responded that they do not.

Road Work Report — Dwayne Lawrence

DeWayne introduced Keith Dove, the LRVPOA Road contractor.

Dewayne stated that the weather is slowing things down and has also been hard on roads this year. All work should be done in a few weeks. DeWayne informed the attendees that some gravel changes on Moonshine Hollow Rd. and Whispering Pines are being piloted to determine whether a new base and gravel combo works better than what we have done in the past.

Contract Work

Hardy Net is mostly finished and are putting individual lines to houses. Some roads have been put on hold, as construction vehicles cause significant damage to roads that are softened due to excessive rain. Hinkle & McCoy, those in charge of roads with Hardy Net, are providing us with material to redo the roads and Keith is doing the work.

Snow Removal

DeWayne reported that roads were plowed 8 times by Garlan Funkhouser in the 2014-2015 winter season, which is more than in the past. Cinders were spread multiple times as well by Bobby Jenks to help with traction on icy areas. DeWayne expressed thanks to Jeff Grove for helping coordinate. The question was asked as to when we plow. The LRVPOA has guidelines on snow removal that balances a number of factors: Dewayne responded that we plow when needed and that it depends on how much is expected, and whether we expect that the snow will quickly melt (or not). He also stated that if a road gets damaged from plowing, we will fix it.

Tree removal Boom Trimming:

If you do not want boom trimming in front of your property, please trim yourself by the second Saturday in October. Roads need to be cleared 15’ above the ditch and 25 above the center of the road to allow access for maintenance and emergency vehicles. If you need trimming, please contact DeWayne. Dewayne emphasized that we cannot afford trimming every year.

Discussion on Settlers Valley Road Ownership:

Belynda requested approval of the minutes from the special meeting on March 21, 2015. A motion was made by Caroline Pickens to approve the minutes, seconded by Jaime Baisden and approved unanimously. DeWayne reported that the request was sent to the WV Transportation Secretary requesting that Settlers Valley Rd. be returned to local ownership, with the response that we need to have a petition with 172 signatures from property owners (that access their property via the 0.5-mile stretch of SVW) and a copy of all 172 deeds. In addition, we need 172 tax records to ensure they have paid taxes. This represented a change from previous communications on what exactly was required to return the road section to the owners and allow maintenance to be coordinated by the LRVPOA.

General discussion followed on what options could be pursued to improve maintenance of this important section of road. Key highlights:

  • Tom Robertson suggested that the Board summarize all of this and ask who we as members can direct our concerns to. DeWayne stated that a WVDOT website exists that we can put concerns on (http://dotftp.wv.gov/cra/) but no replies have come back for those placed thus far.
  • It was suggested that we have a revision put in our covenant that does not allow giving of roads back to state.
  • Caroline Pickens asked about liability to the Association if an individual fills a pot hole instead of waiting for the state. Belynda responded that no liability is incurred by the Association for an individuals actions.
  • Jamie and Patty Baisden both called for an action item that will allow us to do something as the local roads person for the state needs pressure first. Belynda responded that we will circulate names of those responsible for the roads (Mr. Lee Thorne, Supervisor, District Five Engineer/ Manager, (304) 289-3521, Lee.J.Thorne@wv.gov).
  • Mark Smith noted that he was LRVPOA secretary for three terms and had the exact same problem with respect to a lack of response from the state. Mark asked about taking this to the local press (Moorefield Examiner and/or Charleston Gazette) as this Board has diligently worked to fix the problem and this is a legitimate news story involving public safety.
  • Peter Lefkin suggested that we could probably put pressure on them to return the road to local ownership with 142 signatures attached to a letter requesting such.
  • Bob Earl asked how much the Board has investigated whether the original transaction was legal? Was it a legal transaction to the state since their process has changed? The question was not answered.

DeWayne noted that the Board will continue to pursue various options for ensuring that section of road is properly maintained but currently the LRVPOA has no legal authority or ability to provide maintenance at this time.

Discussion on Speeding:

Jessie Halpern requested that when people are hired to do work, they be reminded them not to speed on roads as speeding is causing roads to deteriorate. Jamie Baisden added that owners who rent their properties out should have same agreement with those they are renting to, and ask that they adhere to the 15 MPH limit on association roads. Tom Robertson stated that only speed bumps seem to work; DeWayne brought up the idea of movable speed bumps as an option.

Open Discussion:

  • Belynda reminded those with upcoming construction requests to please complete and submit form available on the LRVPOA website prior to doing the work.
  • Belynda reminded attendees that the LRVPOA covenants requires homeowners to conceal propane tanks.
  • No Solicitation signs. Apparently Capital Meats is soliciting some of our members. Jeff Grove stated that the signs do nothing, but suggested that property owners call the Hardy County sheriffs department to keep solicitors out.
  • Street signs stolen. If you see street signs that are missing, please call sheriffs dept. and ask for new signs.
  • Directory. Carolyn Pickens asked whether we could publish and build a directory and have people opt out if they dont want it listed. Jamie Coley suggested that we should publish a list of property addresses and have a check off for those members who want to opt out of having their names and addresses published.
  • Water Testing. Members who have wells and are concerned about the quality of the water can contact the WV Sanitary Commission. They will test water upon request.
  • Fiber Optics. Those wishing to sign up for cable/internet service must sign up for two years.
  • Liquor Licenses for Association Members. Linda Phifel inquired about obtaining a liquor license for association property – in this case the desire to sell wine at the Farmer’s Market. Belynda advised her that the Market, sponsored by Bob Dillard, is officially an event not a business. Still, the application was not approved by the state.

Election of Officers

The Association then conducted the election of officers for term of office from July 1, 2015 through June 30, 2016. The following Association members sought election to the Board of Directors:

President: Belynda Hicks
Vice President: Jan Brito
Treasurer: Bob Earl
Secretary: Phil Robey
Member at Large: DeWayne Lawrence

The floor was opened for additional nominations. No additional nominations were made. The slate of officers was approved unanimously by voice vote.

The meeting was adjourned at 2:36 p.m. with a motion by Blair Dermont, seconded by Jamie Baisden, and approved unanimously by voice vote.

2017 Meeting Minutes

Lost River Valley Home Owners Association

Annual Meeting, June 3, 2017

The Guest House

Board Members Present: Belynda Hicks, President; Bob Earl, Treasurer; Glenn Cudaback-Cox, Secretary; Dewayne Lawrence, Member-at-Large (Roads). Absent: Stuart Pham, Vice President. 

Call to Order

The meeting commenced at 1:04 p.m. with a quorum of members in attendance as determined by Belynda Hicks, President; verified by Glenn Cudaback, Secretary.

Belynda directed the membership’s attention to the meeting agenda and asked if there were any additions, to which the membership responded that there were not.

Belynda communicated that the meeting was being recording for the purpose of translating notes for the final minutes of the meeting.

Treasurers Report: Bob Earl

Bob Earl reported that actual 2016 expenses were $46,375.00, in line with original budget of $49,960.00. Actual 2016 income was $42,606.24. The reserve fund balance stands at $62,900.18. This has not been used but may be relied upon to pay for future road work.

For 2017, expenses are expected to be $50,478.00, with estimated income at $45,580. The forecast for the reserve fund is $63,800.

It was noted that mailing costs have gone up but otherwise stable for 2018. Bob reported that the board doesn’t see any need of dipping into reserves for 2017 unless we decided on new major projects. Because of the mild/light winter, snow removal expenditure was lower than expected. If the next winter is also mild, we may see some savings again.

Nineteen property owners are delinquent as of June 3, 2017. The board will review all records and moving forward, will put liens on all multiple year delinquencies.

An attendee asked if Dick Heidelmeier was on the delinquent list, the board confirmed that he was not.

Regina Corry asked whether property owners can opt out of physical mailing and opt in for electronic mailing to save postage; Belynda Hicks explained that bylaws require physical mailings twice a year (annual newsletter with the invoices, and one for the annual meeting notification), and noted that the By-laws have been amended to allow people to opt in for electronic mailings.

It was noted that only a few people have done so to date. It was noted that the current communications methods with property owners was not conducive to pinging for opt in, but that future website updates might help. It was noted that although it would be great to go to electronic email exclusively to cut the expenditures, we can’t go exclusively to email because there are some residents who only have regular US postal service.

Robert Earl noted that there are some residents whom the board does not have phone numbers or mailing addresses. This has occurred when properties transfer. We can only have a complete database when every home owner/lot owner/responsible party for a lot provides contact information. Bob Earl reported that the board does its best to try to keep people’s info up to date about new owners when we get information on new owners from real estate agents or from the seller. When the information is not reported, he tries to reach out to get the updated information.

Regina Corry also asked about the Construction fee on the treasurer’s report, and asked why the income was not higher. Belynda Hicks reported that it is reflective of compliance, not construction activity. She also explained that the fee is not a requirement. It is property owner’s voluntary contribution; thus, the line item is not as high as possible. The board encourages those – especially with heavy construction to participate to offset the impact of the wear and tear on the roads. Robert Earl reported that it was higher last year due to new construction projects. Robert Earl also reported that it was not prudent to project revenue based on new applications as there is no confirmation that the voluntary fees will be paid.

Steve Taylor asked what the voluntary contributions were. Belynda Hicks noted that new construction was $300, with a sliding scale downwards for smaller projects. Bob Earl clarified that the application was on the website, as well as the descriptions of tiers for voluntary fees. Steve Taylor also asked if we could make construction fees mandatory vs. voluntary. Belynda Hicks noted that it would be possible to review the overall Covenants – (the overarching guidelines for the association) and see if it would be possible to change this in the rules and bylaws (the interpretation of the covenants and how they apply to the LRVPOA on a daily basis). Belynda Hicks noted that the bylaws can be changed with a simple majority of a quorum at an annual or special meeting. She also explained that a covenant change would require support of 75% of property owners in the LRVPOA subdivision – which is difficult to achieve. Belynda noted that she would need to review the covenants and the bylaws to see if a new fee like a mandatory construction/improvement fee would require a simple bylaw change or a covenant change.

Robert Earl noted that if the fee were enacted, we would have to consider the need for policing of the entire association for notification and compliance. The Board would need to then assess magnitude of project for scale of fee. Currently, the Board does not receive construction forms for all projects and things that are going on in the development. DeWayne Lawrence provided the prospective that the roads are also impacted more regularly by non-construction related use by deliveries from Fed Ex and UPS, as well as home maintenance services’ vehicles (trash, lawn care, gas delivery) – and this wear and tear use is uncompensated.

Kate Davis asked if the board could get notifications from the Hardy County Planning/Assessor to trigger fee requests. Bob Earl explained that the local board would not report to the LRVPOA, we would have to monitor their records. Rob Earl added that of those property owners filing plans for approval, we generally have good compliance of the fees when the board is actually notified, since they know upfront about the fees before the board provides approval.

Jaime Baisden commented on the treasurer’s report, noting that the board was managing expenses well, keeping things under budget for the past two years. Jaime asked why both years’ budgeted income line item, without the additional fees, was not achieving income from the payment of LRVPOA fees. He wanted to make sure that the trend of the income was occurring by people not regularly paying fees, and noted on record. Belynda Hicks explained that this was correct, and was attributed to a number of accounts in arrears (estimated to be at 19 accounts at the time of the meeting). Belynda explained that the regular occurring delta was the number accounts in arrears multiplied by $175, in addition to a factor of those in arrears for those several years in arrears. Belynda explained that the board has placed liens in prior years, and will continue placing liens. Bob Earl explained that having additional cash on hand allows us to mitigate the impact of this lack of income, and not have to enter the discussion of increasing assessments.

Matt Brandt asked how many of the 19 delinquent accounts were multiple year; Bob Earl estimated that it was not even more than half that were multiple year, with a mixture of half dues and full dues per lot. He explained that some are from multiple lot owners, and some are from people the LRVPOA has no contact information for (mail is returned, no visitors to the property) – these are situations where legal action will need to be taken to actually get something into the hands of a responsible party or an estate owner. Belynda noted that in these situations/cases with liens, we will need to wait until the properties change hands.

Jaime Baisden gave the first motion to approve the Treasurers report, Kate Davis seconded, and it was unanimously approved.

Roads Report:  DeWayne Lawrence

Road Maintenance: DeWayne Lawrence reported that the Spring Road Work was recently completed, weather had delayed the completion. Culvert posts are back up from snow removal, and were painted orange for visibility.

DeWayne reminded owners that culverts are property owners responsibility – it keeps water off the road and minimizes road damage from water flow. This occurs when culverts get clogged. It was noted that these are easy to maintain if done on a regular basis. It was also noted that our roads crew is careful not to push material into culverts.

Snow removal was minor this year, and roads were plowed only once this winter.

It was reported that boom trimming and tree removal was completed in the fall, we do this every other year (as it is expensive) therefore we will not do it this fall in 2017. Dewayne noted that the boom trimming is cheaper than the manual trimming that we used to do. It was noted that Spurs Access does have a small section that requires trimming on an annual basis, at an average cost of $400.

DeWayne explained that with spring roadwork completed, we will be placing new signs that post the 15MPH speed limit: One sign for every one of the 11 miles of road. We have enough for “the coming” direction, but not “the going” direction and will therefor order another set of 11. In addition, no solicitation signs will be placed at the intersections and entrances of each of the developments (like Moonshine Hollow, Settlers, etc.) Robert Earl noted that with the addition of more and consistent signage, that give law enforcement more support on enforcement, e.g. dealing with hunters running dogs.

It was also noted that public utilities (i.e. fiber optics installation) do have an easement on our roads for installation via our covenants, and in the state of West Virginia. Dewayne provided an update on Update on SVW WVDOH Maintenance. There were numerous complaints during the year about the condition of the entrance to Settlers Valley Way off Mill Gap Road. It was noted that we have a cease and desist order from the state to not fix road leading up from Mill Gap on Settlers Valley, as the first 0.5 mile section (up to intersection of Whispering Pines) is the responsibility of the WVDOH.

As a next step the Board will put the WVDOH State Road contact Lee Thorne’s phone number, email address and the website for WVDOH. There was discussion on possibilities for reclaiming legacy ROW of WVDOH road by getting everybody to sign a petition.

Potholes were discussed as a problem-Dewayne encouraged property owners to keep reporting them, and we will continue to remediate them.

Bob Alcock made note of road segments on Whispering Pines Way where potholes regularly appear, and attributed it to the assessment that the roads are not crowned, they are flat. He asked if we would crown roads with extra money, dig more ditches, bring shale in for those segments, and amortize the expenditure over two or three years.

Cherise Gardner suggested an engineering assessment, and Dewayne noted that there was one done a few years ago for some more specific concerns, and agreed that it is probably time for a new assessment.

Trees: It was noted that Elm beetle disease is hitting hard, we have removed one tree, five more have it on Spurs Access which will require $1500 to cut. It was notes that the budget for trees is $5000, and it was suggested to double that amount to take care of roads. It was noted that the boundary of the road work tree jurisdiction is 20 feet from center of the road. It was noted that it would not be ideal to have big piles of wood next to the road, therefore we should take care of the removal. 

Mailboxes/Trash:  The Board outlined the plan to work with the local post office to improve the mailboxes with updates. This will include more boxes for letters and packages, and will be rolled out in phases in the different sections of the LRVPOA.

Trash huts were discussed as something to explore in the next year – specifically improving them, increasing accessibility and capacity, and exploring how to mitigate use by non-Envirco subscribers. e.g. Meadow Lane trash area improvement (It is private property, and would need to pour a permanent pad of concrete).

Construction Requests – were covered as part of the Treasurer’s Report discussion.

Open Discussion: It was suggested that it would be great to put story of little house on website. The Board welcomes the submission on any member/members who can draft the story and provide some pictures.

It was suggested that LRVPOA members form a beautification committee, with reps from each sub development with a suggestion of what they would like to do, Abbie Chessler said that she would like to be on a committee.

Speeding was outlined as a continuing problem from both visitors and residents alike. Speed bumps were discussed as a possible solution if the problem persists after the signs are posted. The board requested that LRVPOA members let us know who is a frequent flyer, we can send them a letter.

Website Development: An update was provided by Glenn Cudaback-Cox on the new website, and attendees were given the opportunity to review the progress. It was reported that the site would go live as soon as all content from the old site was completely migrated. Once live, the site will be ready for improvements on functionality based on LRVPOA needs.

Other New Business:

Questions were raised on the status of the Hardy County ambulance authority. This will be a $120 dollar per year assessment; The news over months was that there are some financial issues on the Moorefield side, and not just with Mathias Baker.  This is a separate bill, not part of local taxes.

Michelle Phillips reported that it was windy over winter, causing trash to blow from building sites. Her request was to communicate to builders that trash blowing around is an issue and we need to do some more communication.

Bob Leiston suggested that twice a year, the LRVPOA would have a dumpster come for junk. This would be part of a beautification committee.

Jesse Halpern noted that the community pond was underutilized, and a pond path would be a great resource. It was suggested that the path be cleared for a road for fire tanker access to fill up to help increase public safety and beautification. An alternate was to build a pump shed with enough hose to walk up to the road.

New Farmers Market and change in status was brought up as a concern. Members were specifically concerned that the status may influence the creation of other events and set precedents.

It was noted that the farmers market is an event as defined by county guidelines set in 2014. Belynda Hicks noted that the county was in the process of modifying the entire plan and adding some flexibility into some of the zoning regulations. This includes what constitutes a special event. This definition is being modified as an event held up to four consecutive days, up to 30 calendar days a year. The Board is awaiting information back from the planning commission as to how LRV farmers market will fit in. It was noted that this is a Hardy County planning activity at this point, and not a board activity.

Jaime Baisden and Steve Taylor encouraged the LRVPOA board to have additional conversation on how we define what the expectation on the use of properties; And explore impact of traffic load from state road vs. off an association road. It was also encouraged to explore this “event” definition further to ensure the same consistent expectation in the future. Belynda noted that to amend Covenants on use restrictions would require a 75% approval.

It was agreed to continue with Melissa Scott the Hardy County Planner and contact for zoning, and to get in touch with association lawyer on definition, and on what is interpretation of the law.

There was a request put forth for a special meeting/ a town hall, and invite the attorney, to discuss in an open forum with feedback.

After a 1st motion to approve from Jaime Baisden, and a 2nd motion to approve from Steve Taylor, a special meeting before the end of 2017 for a zoning update/discussion and attorney interpretation of covenants and bylaws was approved unanimously.

Other New Business:

the officers slate was presented for approval:
President: Belynda Hicks
Vice President: Jason Peschau
Treasurer: Bob Earl
Secretary: Glenn Cudaback-Cox
Member-at-large: DeWayne Lawrence

After a 1st motion to approve from Jaime Baisden, and a 2nd motion to approve from Vicky Ames, the officers slate was approved unanimously.

The meeting was adjourned at 3:05 p.m.

2016 Meeting Minutes

Lost River Valley Home Owners Association

Annual Meeting, June 4, 2016

The Guest House

Board Members Present: Belynda Hicks, President; Bob Earl, Treasurer; Philip Robey, Secretary; Dewayne Lawrence, Member-at-Large (Roads). Absent: Jan Brito, Vice President.

Call to Order

The meeting commenced at 1:02 p.m. with a quorum of members in attendance as determined by Belynda Hicks, President; verified by Philip Robey, Secretary. Belynda directed the membership’s attention to the meeting agenda and asked if there were any additions to which the membership responded that there were not.

The minutes from the June 6, 2015 annual meeting were approved unanimously.

Treasurers Report: Bob Earl

Bob Earl reported that actual 2015 expenses were $49,942, in line with original budget of $49,940. Actual 2015 income was $43,659.36. The reserve fund balance stands at $61,952.74. This has not been used but may be relied upon to pay for future road work. For 2016, expenses are expected to be

$49,816, with estimated income at $45,580. The forecast for the reserve fund is $63,327.

Fifteen residents are delinquent as of June 4, 2016.  Notices have been mailed out with interest accrued on overdue balances (9% per year). In the past, liens have been placed on properties and past due assessments have been collected when properties are sold. Currently, 3 properties have liens on them for delinquency. LRVPOA will consider another round of liens to address those properties that have been delinquent for multiple years. Bob Alcock noted that some notices get returned as we find properties where elderly owners may be challenged to address financial notices. There are also occasions where property owners have changed or owners have passed away; thus, we need to know when situations change. All legal activity will be preceded with a warning letter to hopefully resolve financial delinquencies without employing the court system.

Abbie Chessler asked whether there was a method to help out property owners who claim severe hardship?  Belynda responded that we have no system in place, nor has the LRVPOA received requests for fee relief.

Roads Report:  Dewayne Lawrence

Spring Road Work: High level of rain has impaired some of our regular work, as the ground is too soft for effective grading. Keith has filled potholes. Once the roads dry out, Keith will continue the work, including clearing all ditches and culverts (culverts under property driveways remain the responsibility of the property owner), grade and crown roads, and apply fresh gravel.

Snow Removal – one big storm and contractors did a good job. Cinders were put down twice this year.

Removal of trees that present a danger to falling and blocking association roads has been completed. The Board will continue to monitor roads for dead/diseased trees that present a clear risk and will address on an ad-hoc basis. Resident are encouraged to contact the Board if they see a tree that should be removed and the Board will assess for potential remediation.

Boom trimming: If anyone wants to trim themselves, please do so by second Saturday in October.  Dewayne will closely supervise trimming activities to help avoid overly aggressive removal. Belynda reminded residents that the goal of trimming is to ensure roadways are clear for emergency vehicles and safe access by road maintenance vehicles.

Speeding on Association Roads: Dewayne reminded residents of the 15 MPH speed limit on LRVPOA roads and asked that everyone please drive slowly on the roads, especially when Keith is working. There have been several events, including one fatality and significant damage to maintenance vehicles that can be directly attributed to excessive speeds. Dewayne will get some additional speed limit signs and will place throughout the association. It was noted that some of the speed violators are likely renters and not residents. Home owners are reminded that they are responsible for tenant actions on roads when they rent.

Maintenance of WV section of Settlers Valley Way: An attorney has been consulted regarding this section of WV state owned and WVDOH maintained road. Working with Jack Walters, DeWayne shared that the ultimate goal is to get the road back to us. In the meantime, a joint maintenance agreement is an interim goal, where we do some of the work and “share” maintenance with WVDOH.  Wording on a Memorandum of agreement is being formed. The state has asked us if we would consider chipping and tarring. LRVPOA would pay for materials and they would do the work and maintain. The road would not need to be maintained as much. This option is under consideration and is awaiting some pricing details. 

Construction Request – DeWayne reminded residents to please submit request prior to beginning any new construction. Additionally, residents are encouraged to adhere to the voluntary payments, especially for new home builds ($300) that can result in significant wear and damage due to large and heavy construction vehicles.

Open Discussion:

-A discussion ensued about the effectiveness of speed signs on association roads. This led to discussions on the number of homes that are being rented and unwanted solicitation.

Home Rentals:

-It was suggested that people who rent their homes provide speed limit information on the information for their unit. Discussion ensued on short-term home rentals with Belynda noting that there is nothing in county ordinances nor our covenant that prevents these from happening.

One suggestion was made to charge a fee for those who rent to compensate for road costs. Such a fee may be tax deductible. Dewayne responded that he is not a fan for the fee because if the owner isn’t here, the renter is taking the owner’s place.

Belynda suggested forming guidelines for those who rent their properties, including the request not to rent to large groups of people. She also suggested that we can make a change to our covenants to include such as a requirement.

Other Discussion Topics:

– Belynda responded to a suggestion that we might put up ‘No Solicitation’ signs, noting that we can do this on private roads only. Jessie Halpern offered that he would prefer to see fewer signs and does not see that there is a huge problem with unwanted solicitations

– OneNet Hardy Service: Belynda informed us that the cost of construction is higher in some areas than others, so Fox Squirrel and Pleasant Valley do not yet have service.

– Design phase for new LRVPOA Website.  Belynda suggested that if anyone has something they want to see put in a new Lost River Valley POA Website, please contact her.

– Dewayne said that he is looking into getting postal boxes and making them available to all residents.

The meeting was adjourned at 2:25 p.m.



The Board

Hardy County Government

Hardy County Sheriff
POISON CONTROL 1-800-222-1222
Non-Emergency Phone: 304-530-0222

Mathias-Baker Volunteer Fire Company
Phone: 304-897-5586
Fax: 304-897-7468


Hardy County Planning Office
Phone: 304-530-0257
Fax: 304-530-0258

Hardy County Commission
Phone: 304-530-0284

Hardy County Schools
Phone: 304-530-2348
Fax: 304-530-2340

Hardy County Courts
Phone: 304-530-0230
Fax: 304-530-0231

WV Department of Homeland Security

Basic Services

Trash Collection: Envirco
Phone: 304-897-6060

Electric: Potomac Edison
Phone: 800-686-0011

Internet/Phone: Hardy Telecommunications
Phone: 304-897-9911
24/7 Repair: 304-897-9913

Propane: Southern States
Phone: 304-530-2308
Southern States

Propane: Matheson
Phone: 304-538-6664

Satellite TV: DirectTV
Phone: 855-641-5895

Satellite TV: DishNet
Phone: 800-333-3474