Board Election – Candidate Messages

Below are the current candidate messages for the 2020 LRVPOA Board Election.

Please note that this is not the final list, as members in good standing can be nominated up through the close of business on Tuesday, July 7.

If you’d like to run, please email the LRVPOA secretary with your nomination by COB July 7, using the form on the LRVPOA homepage here:

Philip Robey: Candidate for President

I am currently serving in my second year as the LRVPOA President. I am running for a third term because…

Property Enjoyment. I am committed to slow growth and keeping Lost River a place where property enjoyment is primary. Our Association does not enact laws but we do have the ability to influence. By providing regular information on our roads, trash, home rentals, and property development along with our bylaws and county law, we will work to ensure the continued mutual enjoyment of Lost River. Next year I will begin work on a long-range plan that will address violations and encourage neighborly consideration.

Greater Transparency. I wish to promote greater transparency on Board operations and actions. Now that the Board is meeting regularly (every two months), it is of importance for minutes from our meetings to be posted on LRVPOA Facebook page. In addition, with increased technology, there is no reason that Association members should not be discussing or even voting on more important issues year ‘round. The Association belongs to all of us, not to the Board.

Past Successes/Future Endeavors. At last year’s Annual Meeting, attendees remarked that the Association is looking good! Roads are in good shape and trimming and plowing are regularly completed. Still, we can get better. Working with those who rent properties on noise abatement, addressing recurring potholes in roads, focusing on trash violations, and keeping LRVPOA a place where home owners can retreat, are my goals for next year.

– Phil Robey

A. Toni Young: Candidate for Vice President

In 2012, what started out as a weekend retreat, for me, became my home. As a full-time resident, I have decided to run for the Lost River Valley Property Owners’ Association Board of Directors, because I want to ensure that the voices of all residents are included in the decisions that impact the people living in our community.

I have more than 30 years of experience operating non-profits and serving on boards of directors. I would like to bring my experience in strategic community engagement, non-profit management, and board service to the LRVPOA and its more than 270 owners, residents, and visitors.

I would like to ensure that all residents – weekenders, full-timers, and commercial property owners – have an equal voice in the decisions that directly impact our lives.

I am asking for your vote to ensure that the equity, diversity, and the transparency that are critical on every Board become staples on our Board of Directors.

It’s important that we create an agreed-upon plan of growth and expansion, but most importantly, it’s important that we hear from a diverse group of stakeholders and residents as the decisions that impact all of our lives are made.

We all moved here for a reason; for a quality of life, we couldn’t find elsewhere. I would like to ensure that quality of life is maintained and that your voices are heard. Please consider me to serve as Vice-President on the LRVPOA Board of Directors.

– A. Toni Young

Bret Limage: Candidate for Treasurer

I’m Bret Limage and I would appreciate your vote for Treasurer. I’ve been a member of the Association for over 14 years and previously served on the Board for three years as Member-At-Large and two years as Secretary. When I stepped down in 2014, it was my intention to seek re-election once I retired and was living here full-time, which occurred in April.

I’ve been a corporate attorney for 30 years, advising a public company board and management on corporate governance and fiduciary matters. I was also Chief Compliance Officer responsible for ensuring that company rules and policies were applied fairly and consistently to all employees. I was responsible for preparing a budget and managing costs. I am currently President and Board member of the Lost River Valley Community Foundation and Board member of Cougar Vision Alliance for Students, both West Virginia nonprofit corporations, like the Association. I am also a WV licensed attorney.

I’m well versed in the Association’s Covenants and Bylaws and the procedures of the Board as well as its powers/limitation.  A WV attorney as Treasurer will be useful in getting liens timely filed and complying with the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act.  As Treasurer and Board member, I will work to ensure that Board decisions are applied fairly and consistently. I also believe that Board minutes should be timely available to members so there is transparency and no hidden agendas; members should know what their Board is doing and how it is spending their money.

– Bret Limage

John Rosato: Candidate for Secretary

My name is John Rosato and I am seeking your vote for Secretary of the LRVPOA.  I became a member of the Association approximately one-year ago when my partner (Dan Fitz) and I purchased a second home on Tom’s Knob.  Since then, we have spent more time in the Lost River Valley than we could have ever imagined.  Simply put, we have fallen in love with this area and with the tightly knit community that exists within this Association.  

I am running for the Secretary position because I think new, younger members of the Association need representation and because I believe the Board needs to reexamine its current functions and operations.  In particular, I believe that the Board needs to make its decisions more transparent through the routine posting of meeting minutes, to clarify/update its election procedures, and to determine whether its existing role (maintaining roads) is meeting the community’s needs.

To accomplish all of these things, I will rely on the experience I’ve gained during my career and while serving on other boards.  I currently serve as the Assistant Secretary of the U.S. Postal Service’s Board of Governors, where I am responsible for the day-to-day operations of the Board’s committees.  I also serve as the Vice-Chairman of the U.S. Postal Service Federal Credit Union’s Board of Directors.  Serving in these positions has taught me a great deal about working collaboratively with those you might disagree with and about the importance of having properly defined protocols and bylaws.  

– John Rosato

Stuart Pham: Member-at-Large, Roads

Hi folks! I’m Stuart Pham and I’m looking for your endorsement this election year to the Board of Lost River Property Owners Association. This will be my second year serving. I served three years ago and gave up my seat the year after that to someone who was very interested in joining. After serving the one year, he decided that it wasn’t for him so I came back on to serve as your “Road Czar”. I’m learning a lot about crowning, culverts and potholes. I’d like to continue my work now that I’ve got some experience working with the contractor. I think it helps to have that continuity.

My wife and I bought our first place in Lost River back in 2005. It was in Trout Pond. I served two years on the board there as well. It helped me learn about the area and the people who lived here, both full timers and weekenders. Things have changed a lot in 15 years. I’d like to keep the growth going but with oversight and thought. I’d like to keep this place wild and wonderful but with a few extra perks. I look forward to serving our community. Thanks for your consideration.

– Stuart Pham