2020 Meeting Minutes

Lost River Valley Property Owners Association

Annual Meeting, July 11, 2020 • Online

Because of the need for social distancing and restrictions at present in West Virginia for large gatherings associated with the COVID-19 pandemic, and for safety of all in our community, the LRVPOA determined that the 2020 meeting was to be held via online webinar.

Board Members Present

Phil Robey, President                             
Jesse Halpern-Robinson, Vice President                           
Bob Earl, Treasurer
Glenn Cudaback-Cox, Secretary               
Stuart Pham, Member-at-Large (Roads)

Call to Order and Welcome

Meeting began at 9:30 a.m. Bob Earl, Treasurer provided input on the number of attendees and Glenn Cudaback-Cox, Secretary verified the quorum.

Approval of Minutes from 2019 Meeting

After a 1stmotion to approve from John Rosato, and a 2nd motion to approve from William Bent, the minutes from the June 1, 2019, LRVPOA annual meeting were approved unanimously. 

President’s Report

Phil Robey, President reported that COVID-19 increased demand from our 210 member households on 272 lots for trash and mail services. He noted that, although the board is primarily focused on road maintenance (the bulk of association expenditures) and approval of improvements and/or construction on lots (to make sure there is no negative impact on neighbors or the association), this demand brought up issues that the board may need to look at in the coming year.

The importance for members to provide updates to their contact information to the board was noted, as it is vital for communications. Phil reminded members of the closed Facebook page, https://www.facebook.com/groups/1969966043249783,

is a great forum for POA member-only communication. It was also announced that in the next year, minutes from the board’s bimonthly meetings would be posted on lrvpoa.org to increase communications. The board will also look at the ability to send member communications via email.

Phil suggested that with the growth of the association, looking at the structure of the board – and consider a shift from one-year terms to the possibility of staggered terms of 2 years for board positions, which would mean a change to the bylaws.

Treasurer’s Report – 2019 Budget Review and 2020-2021 Projected Budget Approval

Bob Earl reported that the light snow of the 2019-2020 winter that snow removal expenses were significantly under budget. As a result, there was no need to move funds from LRVPOA investments to pay for the final work in tree removal and extensive brush and boom trimming for the year. Spring and fall road work were above budget, requiring a slight budget increase for the upcoming year. Less expense is anticipated for tree removal and brush trimming this year – as this should be a cyclical multi-year activity.

Expenditures were $6,000 less than projected. Dues income exceeded the baseline amount for all of the lots – due to the reduction of both delinquent accounts and dues in arrears, and the collection of construction/improvement fees. There is a fair amount of cash on hand, and there was no need to access association’s insured certificates of deposit investments. There is a bit more than a year’s worth of investments to support the association as needed for any future approved special projects or emergent issues.  Bob reported that only three members had unpaid dues, all of which are multi-year delinquencies – one to receive a lien extension, and two for which liens will be filed. One multi- year lien has been paid in full and is being released.

After a 1stmotion to approve from Belynda Hicks, and a 2nd motion to approve from Randi Park, the Treasurer’s report and 2020-2021 budget were approved unanimously.

Road Maintenance

Stuart Pham provided a report on roads.

Last August there was discussion about removing brushes from roadsides.  One contractor bid for manual removal was around $26,000 and a second bid for machine removal was around $6,000; the lower bid was chosen. It is not projected that this will need to be done for another year or two. The remaining budget is slated for the completion of other work. The Spurs access outgrowth was addressed in August, the outgrowth on the s-curve/switchback on Whispering Pines in October. Due to rain, the start of the spring roadwork had to be delayed this year until the beginning of June. There will be more gravel added to the roads as needed in the fall. Boom trimming is complete. Stuart also reported that the removal of dead trees and other vegetation problems is under discussion with the contractor.

Speeding was brought up as an issue – there is not much to do from an association perspective; it is up to the community and its members. The board is receptive to take anonymous member complaints about known speeders via the lrvpoa.org website form – and will reach out to those speeders diplomatically. A request was made for extra gravel on the steep section of meadow lane. Potholes were an issue early on after winter – it was explained that these come back every year because of the rain and weather. As in years past, pothole heavy areas have been graded to avoid standing water, and the holes have been filled in. This is part of the ongoing process for each year’s scheduled roadwork.

Election of Officers: The 2020-2021 slate of officers was presented for approval:

President: Phil Robey • Vice President: A. Toni Young • Treasurer: Bret Limage • Secretary: John Rosato • Member-at-large: Stuart Pham.

Note: Because of the nature of the virtual meeting, nominations closed on June 1. No nominations were taken from the floor.

The officers slate was approved after a 98% member vote of yea and 2% member vote of nay.

Open Discussion

Phil discussed the board’s work with a member committee to co-develop of a list of suggestions to share with those members who rent out their properties to others – with the goal to alleviate some of the issues and complaints that members are having with renter’s behaviors and actions. In addition to the board sending this document to those who rent their homes out, it is also posted on lrvpoa.org for all members to review. Phil welcomed members to review and share any comments with him. Phil also noted that although we do not have legal control of the rights of the properties, if someone on a property is violating the law, members have a right to notify the Sherriff’s department.

A member suggested appointing a new board member or officer to act as a sergeant at arms, as a resource who owners can call when there are problems with renters; this member/officer would respond to the complaint in the moment. Phil suggested that this could be a discussion at a later time, but that at this point the current board was not in a position to respond “in the moment” – only relay the reported concerns/issues to the respective property owner.

New Business

In answering additional questions from members at the meeting,

Regarding the status of PO boxes waiting at the post office for installation, Phil responded that he did not know the status and recommended reaching out to Steve Roberts for details on the coordination of placement of the mailboxes. It was reported by meeting participants that the mailboxes were purchased by the US Post Office, and their placement is at the US Post Office’s discretion

• To answer the question as to why the US Post Office paid for the boxes when the board paid $5,520.60 for a cluster box in 2017, the approved 2017 meeting minutes were referred to: “The Board outlined the plan to work with the local post office to improve the mailboxes with updates. This will include more boxes for letters and packages, and will be rolled out in phases in the different sections of the LRVPOA.” It was also explained that the association invested the money because of concerns of safety, rust, lack of USPS requirements (not up to code).

• To answer the concern that using association funds in 2017 was a violation of article 3, section one of the covenants, Phil explained that this was why the board will look at it this year, in the terms of if we should change the covenants.

• To answer the questions asking if mailboxes were the purview of the board or the association as a whole, and if not, why is the association involved, Phil responded that the neither trash sheds nor post office boxes are in our association covenants or bylaws that make them the association’s purview. Phil added that we have received significant interest from association members to make them part of our purview, there is a willingness to look at the issues, and discuss them. If the board decides these issues should be added to the association’s oversight, they will bring that back to the association as a vote to update bylaws and covenants.

• When asked the status of installing a pump stand for fire department use at the end of road to the pond on Whispering Pines Way, Glenn reported that the idea was stalled due to the logistics of keeping the road/path to the pond clear from brush at all times. Phil suggested that the funds for roadwork could be something to consider this upcoming year – with the consideration that the board make sure that any work that is done is handled in an equitable manner.

After a 1stmotion to adjourn from Jason Peschau, and a 2nd motion to adjourn from Bob Knetl, the meeting was adjourned at 10:50 a.m.