2021 Meeting Notes


Meeting Notes: March 2022

Lost River Valley Property Owner’s Association
Board of Directors Meeting
March 19, 2022

Meeting was held on Zoom and began at 9:30 a.m.
Phil Robey, President
Joe Palumbo, Vice President
Kim Bloom, Secretary
John Rosato, Treasurer


  1. Discussion for site of Annual Meeting to be held on June 4 at 1pm. Consideration was given to holding the meeting online again this year. After discussion it was decided to secure a meeting place, in the event we felt the meeting could be held in person. Phil Robey will contact Kevin at The Grill and see about holding it there.
  2. Discussion regarding open Board spots was led by Phil Robey. He has posted on FB about openings. The Board collectively discussed possible people to reach out to. We all committed to contacting we know personally to invite them be considered for the slate.
  3. Issues that are ongoing and need attention before June meeting include, purchasing and placing speed bumps on Wildlife, finalizing the budget for next year, and how to encourage more owners to sign up with PayHOA.
  4. Recruiting and utilizing the Road Spotters during the recent snow storm appears to be successful. There were good comments all around the Board for quickly getting that in place.
  5. Budget discussion. For snow removal we will come in just at budget. Discussion followed about spring road maintenance, reclaiming gravel, and working with Keith Dove to communicate our ideas about maintaining the roads.

Meeting adjourned at 10:20 a.m.
Recorded and submitted by Kim Bloom, Secretary

Meeting Notes: May 2022

Lost River Valley Property Owner’s Association
Board of Directors Meeting
May 14, 2022

Meeting was held on Zoom and began at 9:30 a.m.
Phil Robey, President
Joe Palumbo, Vice President
Kim Bloom, Secretary
John Rosato, Treasurer


  1. John Rosato gave the Treasurer’s report and we reviewed the budget. At this date the POA is behind on dues collection. Reminders continue to go out.
  2. Liens have been filed for properties/owners that are behind in paying yearly dues.
  3. Joe Palumbo reported on road maintenance. Keith Dove will begin work soon, digging out the ditches, reclaiming gravel, adding new gravel for spring maintenance.
  4. Discussion again about ordering speed bumps for Wildlife Drive. Phil Robey will order the speed bumps. We will request that Keith Dove installs the speed bumps, to be removed before winter snow plowing.
  5. Discussion about the Annual meeting included moving it Zoom due to an increase in COVID rates again, how to welcome participants, how to vote on Zoom, and how to handle Q&A.
  6. We discussed again the Board openings and perhaps using the term Member-at-Large, rather than “roads person” to recruit for this position. Since Stuart Pham resigned from the Board in January, collectively the Board has managed road maintenance, contact with Keith Dove, requesting plowing, cinders, and communicating with the Road Spotters.

Meeting adjourned at 10:29 a.m.
Recorded and submitted by Kim Bloom, Secretary

Meeting Notes: September 2021

Lost River Valley Property Owner’s Association
Board of Directors Meeting
September 4, 2021

The Board met at President, Phil Robey’s house at 9:30 am.
Phil Robey, President
Kim Bloom, Secretary
John Rosato, Treasurer
Stuart Pham, At-large
(The VP position was unfilled at this time)

We enjoyed breakfast together and the opportunity to socialize in person. Previous year’s
meetings were virtual due to the pandemic.
Phil extended a warm welcome to all, including new board member, Kim Bloom.


  1. Update on recent issues and decisions, including one resolved issue and one outstanding.
  2. John presented the budget and answered questions.
    2021-22 Budget expenses: $49,792.80
    Actual to date $30,535.77
    Difference $19,257.03
  1. Stuart presented the road maintenance report, referring to the budgeted amounts for this
    year in comparison to last year.

    Road maintenance 2021-22 Budget Actual to date Difference
    •Snow removal $ 5,500.00 0 $ 5,500.00
    •Sp/Fall road work $34,000.00 $30,060.77 $ 3,939.23
    •Tree trimming/brush $ 5,000.00 0 $ 5,000.00

Snow fall was heavy last winter and the full budgeted amount was spent on removal. We are
anticipating another “normal” winter with average to above-average snow fall.

The spring road work was extensive for recrowning and new gravel. Due to the increased traffic
on the roads over the past year – delivery trucks, construction vehicles, more full-time
residents, high volume of renters – the roads are holding up, but need extensive reworking in
spring and fall to reduce rutting and washboarding. Therefore, the board voted to increase the
budget for road maintenance, out of cash reserves, up to $5,000, for additional tree and brush
work, and additional fall road maintenance.
Discussion followed about options for raising additional funds without drawing from cash
reserves. Donations to the budget, beyond the member dues, is appreciated.
During the coming year, the board will discuss increasing member dues, to accommodate the
increased road usage and maintenance.
As in previous years, we remind those in the Association to head speed limits and educate
guests on the posted speed limit.

We discussed our current snow removal guidelines and agreed to remain at 4” of snowfall for
plowing, recognizing that areas on the roads vary in conditions due to winds/drifting, sun/ice.
As in previous years, we remind those who drive in the LRVPOA during the winter months to
check ahead about road conditions, use common sense, and remind guests of what to expect
with rapidly changing weather conditions.

  1. The board vacancy position, Vice-President, was discussed in regards to two candidates. The
    board voted to elect Joe Palumbo to the position. He brings a background in financial services
    and previous board experience to the LRVPOA Board. After the meeting Phil called Joe to
    welcome him to the board and secure his agreement to fill the position.
  2. Phil recommended that we migrate from Facebook to PayHOA for LRVPOA communications.
    He anticipated we could make this shift quickly, however, only 40% of the LRVPOA is subscribed
    to PayHOA.
    We discussed various ideas to increase the usership on PayHOA, including group sign-up events
    at Oktoberfest and next year’s annual meeting.

John reported that PayHOA was used for mailing statements last year and that the Postal
Service has a better rate. (John is no longer employed by the USPS) In January, the Board will
prepare the mailings.

  1. A recommendation had been made to amend the by-laws for staggered board positions,
    removing the possibility that the entire board would be new each year, and assuring continuity.
    Following discussion, the board made the decision to postpone this issue for the coming year.
  2. For future agendas:

November: discussion of dues rate increase proposal, how to welcome new residents to the
The meeting adjourned at 11:07am.
Submitted by Kim Bloom, Secretary
September 10, 2021


Meeting Notes: November 2020

Lost River Valley Property Owner’s Association
Board of Directors Meeting
November 21, 2020

The regular meeting of the Board of Directors (the “Board”) of the Lost River Valley Property Owner’s Association (the “Association”) took place on November 21, 2020 via teleconference.  Attending were Phil Robey, President, Toni Young, Vice President, Bret Limage, Treasurer, John Rosato, Secretary, and Stuart Pham, Member at Large (roads).

The meeting was called to order at 9:30 a.m. by Mr. Robey.

Mr. Limage provided the report of the Treasurer and discussed the Association’s finances generally, the 2021 annual assessment, and the status of property liens.  Mr. Limage noted that the Association has a balance of $8,955 in its checking account and explained that it might be necessary to dip into the Association’s reserves, depending on how much the association spends on winter tree work and potential snow removal.  In response to a request from Mr. Robey, Mr. Limage agreed to send the Board an update on the interest rates, terms, and early withdrawal penalties for the CD in which the reserve funds are invested.  This information would help the Board determine which CD’s to terminate should additional funds be needed.

Next, Mr. Pham delivered the roads report.  He explained how the additional traffic on the roads, from residents, contractors, and delivery services, required the Association to spend twice as much for Fall road maintenance than it spent in 2019.  There was a consensus that the increased traffic was likely to continue for the foreseeable future.  Based on a question from Ms. Young, there was a discussion on the viability of paving certain high-maintenance sections of the road network.  At the conclusion of the discussion, and based on a recommendation from Mr. Rosato, Mr. Robey agreed to investigate the viability of installing “TrueGrid” permeable pavers on the steeper, high-maintenance sections of the network.  To close his report, Mr. Pham noted that winter tree work along the Association’s rights-of-way would begin in early December.

Mr. Robey next began a discussion on whether the Board should adopt bylaw revisions to establish staggered terms for Board members.  Mr. Robey felt that this change would be better for continuity and future Board governance, so that you couldn’t have all five (5) board members change in a single year.  All directors agreed with Mr. Robey’s recommendation.  Mr. Rosato suggested that, in conjunction with the proposed change, the Board should also consider amending its bylaws to eliminate the direct election of officers.  Mr. Rosato felt that, in keeping with that is typically done on private-sector boards, that it was better to have the Association elect directors and then allow the directors to choose the officers.  After a discussion, all directors agreed to pursue Mr. Robey’s and Mr. Rosato’s proposed bylaw changes.  Mr. Limage agreed to lead the effort to draft language that would effectuate the changes. 

The next agenda item involved whether the Board should assume oversight and maintenance responsibilities for the mailboxes and trash shed located on Settlers Valley Way.  After a discussion, Mr. Limage, Ms. Young, and Mr. Pham thought that the Association should not assume any oversight or maintenance responsibilities.  Mr. Rosato disagreed and believed that the Association should assume some financial and oversight responsibilities.

Net, the discussion turned to the 2021 annual assessment.  Mr. Limage explained that the Association spent $22,136 for Spring and Fall road maintenance in 2009 but spent $30,074 on Spring and Fall road maintenance this year – a 36% increase.  Similarly, the Association spent $1,980 on tree trimming in 2009 but spent $9,354 on tree trimming so far this year – a 230% increase.  There was consensus that the increased road maintenance and tree-trimming costs were caused by additional resident/contractor/delivery service traffic resulting from the COVID-19 pandemic and the increasing severity of storms.  All directors agreed that these trends were unlikely to change for the foreseeable future.  The directors also agreed that that Association’s reserve funds should be preserved for unplanned road maintenance and tree trimming costs.  Mr. Pham further noted that the Association has not increased the assessment for 12 years, resulting in a reduction in purchasing power.  After a discussion, the Board unanimously determined that the 2021 annual assessment should be increased by ten (10) percent ($192.50 for a full share; $96.25 for a half share). 

After the discussion on the 2021 annual assessment there was also a brief discussion on the need to potentially increase the annual assessment in future years.  This discussion centered on the need to cover deferred road maintenance that should be addressed (e.g., recrowning and erosion mitigation).  There was consensus about the desire to cover deferred maintenance through the annual budget, rather than having to pursue a large special assessment in a single year.  Mr. Limage agreed to draft language notifying the Association of the increase in the 2021 annual assessment and explaining the potential need for future increases.

The final agenda item involved a potential subscription to an online homeowners’ association  software “PayHOA” that would allow the Board to send electronic invoices for annual dues, easily generate e-mails and text messages to all Association members, provide a convenient online method of payment, and offer better budgeting tools for the Treasurer.  Mr. Rosato and Mr. Limage provided a report to the Board on the cost of a subscription ($100 monthly, with no long-term commitment) and about their experience attending a demonstration of the software’s features.  After a discussion, the directors agreed that a second demonstration should be scheduled for the other three directors before the Board voted on approving a subscription.

The next meeting was set for January 16, 2021 at 9:30 a.m.The meeting was adjourned at 10:45 a.m.

Download LRVPOA_Board_Minutes_Nov 2020



Meeting Notes: September 2020

Lost River Valley Property Owner’s Association
Board of Directors Meeting
September 19, 2020

The regular meeting of the Board of Directors (the “Board”) of the Lost River Valley Property Owner’s Association (the “Association”) took place on September 19, 2020 via teleconference. Mr. Phil Robey, President, Toni Young, Vice President, Bret Limage, Treasurer, John Rosato, Secretary, and Stuart Pham, Member At-large were in attendance.

The meeting was called to order at 9:30 a.m. by Mr. Robey.

Mr. Robey began by welcoming Ms. Young, Mr. Limage, and Mr. Rosato to the Board and then reviewed the calendar of meeting dates.

The first agenda item was a discussion on the administration of the Association’s Facebook group and the Association’s webpage. Mr. Robey proposed that only Association property owners be given access to the Facebook group and that Mr. Limage take the lead on approving new requests to join. Mr. Robey explained why Mr. Limage is best equipped to take on this role, as the he maintains the Microsoft Access database that includes the names of Association members. No Board members objected to Mr. Limage taking on this responsibility.

With respect to the Association webpage, Mr. Robey informed the Board that Mr. Glenn Cudaback-Cox (former Secretary) agreed to continue maintaining http://www.lrvpoa.org. All requests to update the webpage should be run by the Board first and then subsequently submitted to Mr. Cudaback-Cox for upload.

Mr. Robey next transitioned to the topic of Construction/Renovation requests. Mr. Robey reviewed the Board’s responsibilities under its Bylaws (primarily the review of setbacks, harmony of construction with surroundings, and drainage) and expressed his hope that such requests will be reviewed by the Board quickly. He also discussed the hesitancy of prior Boards to reach out to Association members who have begun construction/renovations without submitting a request to the Board. At this point in the discussion, Mr. Pham noted that construction of a home had begun within the Association without the approval of the Board. After a brief discussion, all Bord members agreed that the property owner should be asked to submit a construction request. All Board members also agreed that the property owner should be asked to make a voluntary contribution to the Association’s for the additional construction traffic.

The next agenda item involved a discussion on Board member responsibilities. Mr. Robey felt that the position descriptions in the bylaws adequately described the responsibilities of each position but noted that the Secretary has been historically underutilized. Mr. Robey suggested that the Secretary be responsible for keeping minutes for the Board’s regular meetings (and posting them on the Association website) and that the Secretary be responsible for responding to construction/renovation requests after the Board has completed its review. Mr. Rosato agreed to take on such responsibilities.

Mr. Robey next invited other Board members to opine on their responsibilities. Mr. Rosato suggested that the Secretary also oversee Association-wide communications. Mr. Rosato expressed an interest in expanding the ways the Board communicates with Association members (e.g., via text messaging). All Board members agreed with Mr. Rosato’s suggestions. Mr. Robey noted that text messages would be particularly helpful for notifying the Association about snow plowing. Mr. Robey also explained that, though Mr. Pham heads up snow removal and road maintenance issues, input from Board members who live in the Association full-time is extremely helpful. Mr. Robey asked that all Board members be included on messages to Mr. Pham.

Mr. Pham agreed with Mr. Robey’s comments and noted that he will be relying on the advice of Mr. Limage, Mr. Rosato, and Ms. Young since he does not live in the association full-time and doesn’t always drive the Association roads on the north side of Mill Gap. Mr. Pham also explained that he would be asking for input on most road issues, as he thinks the whole Board should be involved in such decisions. Mr. Robey agreed and stated that it would be unfair to ask Mr. Pham to make all the decisions alone. For snow removal Mr. Limage stated that he thought the rule in prior years was that plowing occurred only after 4 inches of snow had fallen. Mr. Pham said that last year the rule had been 3 inches. With respect to communications to the Association, Mr. Pham explained that he tries to keep the members informed via the Facebook group, but that such notice is usually at the last minute. He stated that he would work on giving more advance notice to the Association about upcoming roadwork/snow removal.

Since the discussion was already centered on roads, Mr. Robey invited Mr. Pham to give his roads report. Mr. Pham stated that Keith Dove planned on beginning Fall road maintenance the following week. He also stated that Jake Corbin would begin Fall tree work the first week of October. Mr. Limage suggested that Mr. Pham alert the Association of the dates of Mr. Corbin’s work so that residents can ask Mr. Corbin to complete tree work on their properties while is already working in Lost River. Mr Limage thought that this would be a courtesy to help drum up some extra business for Mr. Corbin. Mr. Pham and the rest of the Board agreed.

Mr. Rosato asked whether some of the severe wash boarding on Whispering Pines Way would be addressed as part of the upcoming road maintenance. Mr. Rosato was concerned that additional delivery and construction traffic was making the wash boarding worse this year. Mr. Pham explained that speed is the primary cause of the wash boarding and stated that while it could be addressed as part of Fall maintenance, he wasn’t sure whether there was money in budget for that. He further noted that wash boarding is typically addressed once a year, in the Spring. Mr. Pham also explained that Fall road maintenance would already be more expensive than usual (by $1,800) as the Association needed to re-shale the S-Curve on Whispering Pines Way to address drainage issues.

With respect to wash boarding, Mr. Limage agreed that speed is the primary cause but observed that it may be particularly bad this year because some of it was not fully removed during Spring road maintenance. Mr. Pham agreed to address this issue with Mr. Dove during their next conversation. Ms. Young also noted that the higher than normal traffic on the roads due to the COVID-19 pandemic might require the Board to view upcoming maintenance cycles differently. Mr. Limage agreed and then read a section from a road maintenance manual put together by former At-large member, Ed. Pickens. The manual stated that certain steep, highly trafficked sections of the Association’s road network should be graded twice a year. A discussion on the potential need for additional road maintenance on those sections ensued. At the conclusion of the discussion, all Board members agreed that the wash boarding on Whispering Pines Way should be addressed as part of the upcoming Fall maintenance cycle.

Next, Mr. Limage provided the report of the Treasurer. He directed Board members’ attention to the document he sent the day before. He discussed the Association’s finances generally and reviewed the cost of renewing the Association’s Directors and Officers and General Liability insurance policies. There were no questions from Board members.

With respect to the need to invoice Association members for road assessments in January of each year, Mr. Robey asked Mr. Rosato to look into putting together a database of e-mail addresses that could be used to send out e-statements in future years. Mr. Rosato agreed to take the lead on that effort. Mr. Limage noted that the Association already maintains a Microsoft Access database with member contact information, including e-mail addresses for a small portion of Association members. Mr. Limage explained, however, that Microsoft Access is not user friendly. Ms. Young expressed her belief that paper invoices, newsletters, meeting notices, and dues payments should all be electronic. She believes that the Association should consider investing in a system that would allow the Board to accomplish that. Mr. Limage agreed, but explained that the Board might have to give some members the option of opting out of e-involving. Mr. Robey also thought that any new or updated database should include the physical address of each Association lot. At the conclusion of this discussion the Board agreed that Mr. Rosato, Mr. Robey, and Ms. Young should jointly work on this issue and report back to the Board at its November meeting.

The final agenda item involved the potential need for seasonal signage warning non-resident hunters to get permission from property owners. Mr. Limage described several instances of non-owners hunting on land within the Association with permission. Mr. Pham added to Mr. Limage’s descriptions by offering several examples of such behavior along Wildlife Drive. Mr. Robey expressed a concern about the impact of such signage on relations with the local community. Mr. Limage explained that the signage would not be directed at owners hunting on their own land or at non-owners who have proper permission to hunt on an Association lot. Ms. Young wondered whether the Board should be getting involved in this issue at all, since it’s an enforcement issue that the Board has no ability to police. Mr. Limage agreed that the Board has no enforcement capabilities but believes that putting up signage was squarely within the Board’s authority. At the end of the discussion, Mr. Limage, Mr. Pham, Mr. Robey, Mr. Rosato agreed to allow such signage to be posted at Association entrances. Mr. Limage offered to donate the cost of the signs to the Association and to post them at the beginning of hunting season. Mr. Robey also suggested that the Board revisit the issue next year to discuss whether the signs were effective.

The next meeting of the Board is scheduled for November 21, 2020 at 9:30 a.m.

The meeting was adjourned at 10:12 a.m.