2019 Meeting Minutes

Lost River Valley Property Owners Association

Annual Meeting, June 1, 2019 • The Guesthouse Lost River

Board Members Present

Phil Robey, President                             
Jesse Halpern-Robinson, Vice President                           
Bob Earl, Treasurer
Glenn Cudaback-Cox, Secretary
Belynda Hicks, Member-at-Large (Roads)               

Call to Order and Welcome

Meeting began at 1:00 p.m. with a quorum of members determined by Phil Robey, President; verified by Glenn Cudaback-Cox, Secretary

Approval of Minutes from 2018 Meeting

After a 1stmotion to approve from Tom Robertson, and a 2nd motion to approve from Bob Dillard, the minutes from the June 2, 2018, LRVPOA annual meeting were approved unanimously. 

Dangerous & Hazardous Tree Removal

Jesse Halpern-Robinson, Vice President, provided a report on the removal of hazardous trees in the LRVPOA. Tree removal started 2 years ago in Wildlife, Moonshine Hollow, Meadow Lane, etc. Jesse reported that starting on June 7th, 2019 that the tree vendor would complete the project. The approximate number of trees removed was 130. During the project other trees were marked for future trimming; owners with a marked tree on their property may trim trees on their own– or they may let the board know if they don’t want a marked tree trimmed.

Full tree trimming and hand trimming for brush and vegetation obscuring vision around curves is expected to be complete at the end of June. Jesse noted that the removal of brush along the sides of the road is a separate project that the board will seek options for to complete in the fall.

Phil Robey reminded members that if they were cutting grass or brush on their property, that cutting in two feet from the road was helpful for the association maintenance crew.

Treasurer’s Report – 2018 Budget Review

Bob Earl reported that expenses were as expected, with the exception of a re-shop of the LRVPOA insurance. A new policy from a reputable firm was secured with stronger coverage for the association. The new policy price came in at under two-thirds of the old policy price – around $1,200 per year. The Insurance expense for 2018 was a slightly higher than budget due to the WV BRIM payments, BRIM refund and new coverage Oct 2018-2019.

The 2017/2018 winter was lighter than usual resulting in a lower expenditure for snow removal. This unused budget allocation was used to help put towards the large cost of the tree projects underway over the recent two budget cycle. Bob noted that the LRVPOA has strong investments above operating money for payment of bills for each year; and that although some of these are down from moving the money to support tree projects, the investment greatly benefits everyone in the community. Bob reported that we ended up the year with a checking account balance of a little over $11,000 and around $54,000 in investments.

2019 Projected Budget Discussion & Approval

In discussing the 2019-2020 fiscal budget, Bob reported that our stringent policy on Annual Dues collections, on advice of counsel, has improved collection from delinquent owners. Currently, we are at over $42,500 in dues collected, with 11 unpaid for the current year – of which five have communicated intent to pay. We had 11 year+ delinquencies. Of those 11, six paid in full in response to legal notification. Liens for the remaining properties are prepared to file at the Hardy County courthouse.

Our year start checking balance of around $11,000 will be augmented by incoming dues and a strong return attributed to contributions, late fee payments, and interest income. We are further ahead than projected, so we should end the year with a positive balance with approximately one year’s budget in our association investments. This is dependent on winter snow and tree removal needs, or other unexpected road maintenance.

In answering additional questions from members at the meeting,

• Bob reported that there were six property owners who were sent legal letters by advice of counsel by certified letter and regular mail.

• To clarify on LRVPOA investments, Bob explained that for numerous years the LRVPOA has not needed to contribute to investments. However, investments have been used to fund important projects like tree removal, road signs for speed control, road signs for private property, updating and expanding mailboxes for the LRVPOA – an estimated expenditure of about $30,000 to support projects outside of normal operating expenses.

• It was explained that metal posts for speed signs were used instead of wooden posts due to the difficulty with rocky soil and the requirement that miss utility inspect each and every spot to dig for a post.

• The stability of the investment portfolio was questioned. The board reported that all are very stable in insured certificates of deposit.

After a 1stmotion to approve from Stuart Cudaback-Court, and a 2nd motion to approve from Regina Corry, the Treasurer’s report and 2020 budget were approved unanimously.

Road Maintenance

Belynda Hicks provided a report on roads

Fall Road Work: Work proceeded as expected last fall, we did have about three or four instances where we did need to plow. Most storms were fairly close calls in the forecast for 3”- 5” wet snow. There were some issues with excess gravel removal from the plow in low accumulation, wet ground and wet snow conditions. This was rectified in the spring with placement of gravel. The spring rains caused problems with potholes and mud. Belynda reported that spring roadwork was underway, but excess rains had caused delays. Belynda reported that our boom trim provider resigned, so the goal this year is to spot trim with our scheduled tree service and discuss adding another contractor for boom trimming in the fall. Fall is the best time for trimming to minimize any long-term damage to the trees.

Questions about the roads:

• Report of a missing sign on Hunters ridge; Belynda reported that was a Hardy county issue that was reported to the county. The county will be replacing it.

• Crowning on roads on Settlers Valley road, flat part of whispering pines is a concern.

• Concerns were voiced on speeding by renters, delivery trucks, contractors. Belynda requested that owners contact the board members if there was a known “frequent flyer” speeder – the board will notify that owner.

• Bylaw question: Should we require fines for not keeping up frontage growth near road? Phil Robey said it would require changing bylaws and that we could take it up in a board meeting.

• When culverts are dug out and debris is piled up on bank, culverts are getting clogged – it was requested that debris be disposed of on the downhill side so it doesn’t wash back into culvert.

Open Discussion

Proposal for new trash containment shed on Settler’s Valley Way

Steve Roberts proposed to the attendees that to alleviate the current overflowing trash shed, members contribute to purchase of a larger trash containment shed (8’x 12’). It was noted that the current shed is not a LRVPOA-owned shed, and that those using it must subscribe to Envirco. For Envirco account holder that use the shed, Steve noted that a fundraiser was started on the LRVPOA Facebook group. It was suggested that the board put a donation link on LRVPOA.org. Clarification was made that donations were for the new shed, not for the use of the shed.

New Business

Concern was voiced regarding the number of new Airbnbs in the association, with an increase in traffic and noise.

• Phil Robey reported that Melissa from Hardy County is drawing up new county regulations but did not share details on the revised regulations.

• Statewide, Airbnb is collecting taxes. Hardy County Assessor monitors Airbnb and rental websites so that county can get right tax assessment; residential or business.

• It was recommended that to regulate Airbnb renters’ noise that a closed FB page for complaints be created, and to call Airbnb owners to give those noisy guests a bad ranking.

• A ‘good neighbors rules card’ was proposed for visitors and for Airbnb renters.

Election of officers the officers slate was presented for approval:

President: Phil Robey – Vice President: Jesse Halpern-Robinson – Treasurer: Bob Earl – Secretary: Glenn Cudaback-Cox – Member-at-large: Stuart Pham.

After a 1stmotion to approve from Barry Meiners, and a 2nd motion to approve from Belynda Hicks, the officers slate was approved unanimously. After a 1stmotion to adjourn from Bret Limage, and a 2nd motion to adjourn from Joe Keyerleber, the meeting was adjourned at 2:16 p.m.