2016 Meeting Minutes

Lost River Valley Home Owners Association

Annual Meeting, June 4, 2016

The Guest House

Board Members Present: Belynda Hicks, President; Bob Earl, Treasurer; Philip Robey, Secretary; Dewayne Lawrence, Member-at-Large (Roads). Absent: Jan Brito, Vice President.

Call to Order

The meeting commenced at 1:02 p.m. with a quorum of members in attendance as determined by Belynda Hicks, President; verified by Philip Robey, Secretary. Belynda directed the membership’s attention to the meeting agenda and asked if there were any additions to which the membership responded that there were not.

The minutes from the June 6, 2015 annual meeting were approved unanimously.

Treasurers Report: Bob Earl

Bob Earl reported that actual 2015 expenses were $49,942, in line with original budget of $49,940. Actual 2015 income was $43,659.36. The reserve fund balance stands at $61,952.74. This has not been used but may be relied upon to pay for future road work. For 2016, expenses are expected to be

$49,816, with estimated income at $45,580. The forecast for the reserve fund is $63,327.

Fifteen residents are delinquent as of June 4, 2016.  Notices have been mailed out with interest accrued on overdue balances (9% per year). In the past, liens have been placed on properties and past due assessments have been collected when properties are sold. Currently, 3 properties have liens on them for delinquency. LRVPOA will consider another round of liens to address those properties that have been delinquent for multiple years. Bob Alcock noted that some notices get returned as we find properties where elderly owners may be challenged to address financial notices. There are also occasions where property owners have changed or owners have passed away; thus, we need to know when situations change. All legal activity will be preceded with a warning letter to hopefully resolve financial delinquencies without employing the court system.

Abbie Chessler asked whether there was a method to help out property owners who claim severe hardship?  Belynda responded that we have no system in place, nor has the LRVPOA received requests for fee relief.

Roads Report:  Dewayne Lawrence

Spring Road Work: High level of rain has impaired some of our regular work, as the ground is too soft for effective grading. Keith has filled potholes. Once the roads dry out, Keith will continue the work, including clearing all ditches and culverts (culverts under property driveways remain the responsibility of the property owner), grade and crown roads, and apply fresh gravel.

Snow Removal – one big storm and contractors did a good job. Cinders were put down twice this year.

Removal of trees that present a danger to falling and blocking association roads has been completed. The Board will continue to monitor roads for dead/diseased trees that present a clear risk and will address on an ad-hoc basis. Resident are encouraged to contact the Board if they see a tree that should be removed and the Board will assess for potential remediation.

Boom trimming: If anyone wants to trim themselves, please do so by second Saturday in October.  Dewayne will closely supervise trimming activities to help avoid overly aggressive removal. Belynda reminded residents that the goal of trimming is to ensure roadways are clear for emergency vehicles and safe access by road maintenance vehicles.

Speeding on Association Roads: Dewayne reminded residents of the 15 MPH speed limit on LRVPOA roads and asked that everyone please drive slowly on the roads, especially when Keith is working. There have been several events, including one fatality and significant damage to maintenance vehicles that can be directly attributed to excessive speeds. Dewayne will get some additional speed limit signs and will place throughout the association. It was noted that some of the speed violators are likely renters and not residents. Home owners are reminded that they are responsible for tenant actions on roads when they rent.

Maintenance of WV section of Settlers Valley Way: An attorney has been consulted regarding this section of WV state owned and WVDOH maintained road. Working with Jack Walters, DeWayne shared that the ultimate goal is to get the road back to us. In the meantime, a joint maintenance agreement is an interim goal, where we do some of the work and “share” maintenance with WVDOH.  Wording on a Memorandum of agreement is being formed. The state has asked us if we would consider chipping and tarring. LRVPOA would pay for materials and they would do the work and maintain. The road would not need to be maintained as much. This option is under consideration and is awaiting some pricing details. 

Construction Request – DeWayne reminded residents to please submit request prior to beginning any new construction. Additionally, residents are encouraged to adhere to the voluntary payments, especially for new home builds ($300) that can result in significant wear and damage due to large and heavy construction vehicles.

Open Discussion:

-A discussion ensued about the effectiveness of speed signs on association roads. This led to discussions on the number of homes that are being rented and unwanted solicitation.

Home Rentals:

-It was suggested that people who rent their homes provide speed limit information on the information for their unit. Discussion ensued on short-term home rentals with Belynda noting that there is nothing in county ordinances nor our covenant that prevents these from happening.

One suggestion was made to charge a fee for those who rent to compensate for road costs. Such a fee may be tax deductible. Dewayne responded that he is not a fan for the fee because if the owner isn’t here, the renter is taking the owner’s place.

Belynda suggested forming guidelines for those who rent their properties, including the request not to rent to large groups of people. She also suggested that we can make a change to our covenants to include such as a requirement.

Other Discussion Topics:

– Belynda responded to a suggestion that we might put up ‘No Solicitation’ signs, noting that we can do this on private roads only. Jessie Halpern offered that he would prefer to see fewer signs and does not see that there is a huge problem with unwanted solicitations

– OneNet Hardy Service: Belynda informed us that the cost of construction is higher in some areas than others, so Fox Squirrel and Pleasant Valley do not yet have service.

– Design phase for new LRVPOA Website.  Belynda suggested that if anyone has something they want to see put in a new Lost River Valley POA Website, please contact her.

– Dewayne said that he is looking into getting postal boxes and making them available to all residents.

The meeting was adjourned at 2:25 p.m.

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