2014 Meeting Minutes


Lost River Valley Property Owners’ Association
Annual Meeting
June 7, 2014

Call to Order

Boards Members Present: Belynda Hicks, President, Philip Robey, Vice President, Richard Parry, Treasurer, Bob Miller, Roads Director Board Members Absent: Bret Limage, Secretary

The meeting commenced at 1:03 p.m. with a quorum of members in attendance as determined by Belynda Hicks, President; verified by Philip Robey, Acting Secretary. Belynda directed the memberships attention to the meeting agenda and asked if there were any additions to which the membership responded that there were not.

Belynda: Potomac Edison and Hardy One-net have out-sourced to First Energy to replace electrical lines and bury new lines. Infrastructure is being replaced. Latest update: they are working through Whispering Pines and will be done by end of June. Next, will be Toms Knob North to Settlers Valley, which is expected to be done by Sept.

Hardy One net outsourced to Byers Engineering. One net to be installed but many of the difficulties are still being ironed out.

Minutes of the 2013 Annual Meeting

The minutes from the June, 2013 meeting were approve by Mark Smith with a second by Jamie Coley followed by a unanimous voice vote.

Treasurer’s Report

Richard Parry that the 2013 expenditure actual vs. budgeted was under budget due to less billing for snow removal from roads than budgeted. Income was above expectation, with a balance for 2013 of $62,225.00.

For 2014, Richard reported that the expectation is that the actual expenditures will be closer to the actual budget in the long-run

Income: all looks on-target: $46,596 – $1,596 over budget.

Reserve fund target: Contains at least one years expenditures: $62,225.

Future needs: tree trimming in fall and the cutting and removal of dead and diseased trees will be an upcoming cost not borne annually, so we should not anticipate these in our future budgeting. Also, according to Richard, 9-10 property owners have not yet paid this years assessment.

Edward Pickins asked whether there was a goal for the reserve fund, the response to which was yes, we seek to reserve one years worth of total funds for unforeseen expenses.

Jim Klumpp: asked about contributions to the Vol. Fire Dept . A contribution of $500.was made but not for the EMT service which we already pay through property assessments.

Caroline Pickins: Asked about additional reserve funds Richard says yes, there is more money in CDs. approximately $62,225.00

Bob Alcock: Asked why income from assessments is not exact same from year to year give that the annual fee is the same. Richard responded that that late fees and various contributions cause small variances in the actual amounts received each year.

Road Maintenance

Bob Miller reported that the Spurs Access Road had been a problem at the beginning of the year with road damage due to deeper snow. He also reported that when the snow blower is used vs. the snow plow, less damage occurs but that the deeper snow necessitates use of the plow.

Bob reported that Garlan Funkhouser, the snow removal contractor, reported several problems including that some people abandoned their cars on roads after the snow and caused the plow to be blocked in some areas.

Bob asked that those who have plows (living in higher elevations) not push their snow onto association roads. Bob also requested that those with road issues in the future call Belynda not him in the future.

Bob also stated that Garlan Funkhouser wants a list of those living here with physical needs so he can give them primary access during snow storms.

Bob: In snow, going downhill, keep gear in low and just tap your break. Start plowing at 4 inches of snow.

Spring road work Keith Dove has 10 properties and is spread thin. Didnt get all of the work done last Spring. Trying to pick up from where he left off.

Road work for fall is already scheduled. Pot holes have been a problem and need special attention.

Keith says that the stone can be done in two ways – water and roll or tar and roll. Do not put blue chip on ground that is dry and hard.

Belynda: Water management on Whispering Pines is being looked into with additional ditches to assist in the drainage of water that is causing erosion. This will be additional work but is still under discussion.

A discussion on speed bumps and where to put them was had. The outcome is that the Safety Committee will meet and discuss speed bumps as well as whether we need them and, if so, where to place them. Speed bumps may get damaged during snow removal and it was suggested that we mark them well or look into purchasing speed bumps that can be removed at certain times of the year.

Dewayne: asked why we have speed bumps and whether they are for convenience for dust or a safety reason? Bob Alcock gave the background on this regarding Mr. Irwin, who put speed bumps in front of his house.

A request was made that at next meeting we have a report from Safety committee.

Other Discussions

Fred Spangler asked whether anyone had any new information on cell phone towers. Bob Alcock answered that a company is looking to put up towers in key areas properties have been identified but no one has signed and agreed to put equipment on tower yet. Currently, this is on hold as interest is currently in upgrading already installed equipment elsewhere.

Belynda notified everyone that boom trimming is scheduled for this fall. We will coordinate with particular places where no trimming should take place. Asked that owners hand trim and let us know if want to save anything in particular.

Concern arose that previous butchery took place and wanted to know if the same guy will be doing the work. Belynda said yes, but after the complaints from last time she believes he is more experienced and will approach tree trimming without tearing the trees apart.

Discussion took place about removing old, dead trees. RJ Poe will go around and mark trees with tape. Then he will give us a price for bringing down trees. We need to give people time to respond to marked trees.

Jamie Baisden requested that prior to hiring someone to cut down trees, please send out his contact info. In case someone wants to have them cut down more. It was also suggested that we circulate a statement of work in case others want to submit bids.

The owners of the Guest House brought up the issue of a differing dues schedule for those properties not on state maintained roads than for those on state maintained roads. Since properties on Mill Gap Rd. have a different dues schedule, shouldnt all of those on state maintained roads have a different schedule as well? Belynda stated that Mill Gap properties facing Mill Gap paid less than those on association maintained roads. Bob Alcock stated that Settlers Valley Way owners gave sections to state – so state owns Settlers Valley Way, which gives access to the Guest House. A decision by Belynda was that right now, unless you have frontage on Mill Gap, you are assessed full fee but can look at and vote next year. Must adhere to covenants or may change them by resolution.

Meg Armstrong stated that someone on Whispering Pines near Settlers Valley has a shooting gallery and that there is a potential problem with noise and safety around pond. Also people are cutting down trees to make ATV trails. Belynda suggested sending out an e-mail to membership reminding them of what regulations are regarding firearm use on property. She also encouraged those who hear violations to all Sheriffs office. It was noted that this property is within association.

Bob Alcock: Encouraged the Board to establish a policy about communicating with property owners regarding snow plowing that is going to happen, when road work is beginning, and other types of work, especially those related to safety. Use the system for sending out e-mails to everyone.

Election of Officers

Elections for the year took place and the following were elected by unanimous vote:

Belynda Hicks: President
Jan Brito: Vice President
Philip Robey: Secretary
Richard Parry: Treasurer
Dewayne Lawrence: Roads Czar

The meeting was adjourned by Belynda at 2:40 p.m.

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