2013 Meeting Minutes


Lost River Valley Property Owners’ Association
Annual Meeting
June 1, 2013

Call to Order

The Association President, Belynda Hicks, called the Annual Meeting to order at 1:10 pm and noted that a quorum of the membership was present. Belynda introduced the members of the Board of Directors. Present were: Phil Robey, Vice President, Bret Limage, Secretary, Richard Parry, Treasurer and Robert Miller, Member-At-Large.

Belynda directed the membership’s attention to the meeting agenda and asked if there were any additions to which the membership responded there were not.

Minutes of the 2012 Annual Meeting

Belynda presented the minutes of the 2012 Annual Meeting to the membership and after establishing there were no corrections or additions, asked that they be approved. Minutes were approved unanimously by voice vote.

Belynda provided an update on Hardy Telecommunications’ installation of OneNet fiber service that will be available in the LRV area. She noted that Hardy Telecommunications advised her that delays were due to federal government approvals for digging underground ditches. A member questioned whether the federal government sequestration was impacting the implementation. Belynda advised members that if they had questions, they could submit them to her and she would forward to Hardy Telecommunications. Also, information is available on their website.

Treasurer’s Report

Richard Parry, Treasurer, provided the Treasurer’s Report. He began by directing the membership’s attention to the 2012 Financial Summary.

The actual income for 2012 of $45,324 was slightly under the projected income of $46,500. Expenses came in under budget at $42,478 compared to the budget of $49,600. This was due to the fact that the Fall road work was not done and some snow removal costs were paid in 2013.

Richard also informed the Association that a contribution to the reserve fund of $15,000 has put us over our goal of one year’s expense budget. The reserve fund at the end of 2012 totaled $57,887. On behalf of the Board of Directors, Richard expressed appreciation for those who had contributed to the reserve fund.

He noted that the Board of Directors had determined that an increase in fees would not be necessary for 2013, thus making it the fifth year in a row assessments were not increased.

He then directed the membership’s attention to the 2013 Financial Projection. The projected expense for 2013 is approximately $49,955, with expenses estimated at $46,612. He noted that some snow removal expenses from 2012 were paid in 2013. Also, the Association received approximately $2,000 from payment of the lien on the Estrada-Palma property. The budgeted contribution to the Reserve Fund is $3,000, which will result in a balance of 60,887. Nine properties have not paid their 2013 Association dues. Richard noted that for long-term offenders, liens are working.

Regarding the annual contribution that the Association makes to the Rescue Squad, Jim Klumpp noted that the Rescue Squad had financial issues and has been taken over by the county. Due to this, he suggested that the contribution go the volunteer fire department. Bob Dillard moved that the contribution be left to the discretion of the Board. The motion was seconded by Regina Corey and approved by the Association on a voice vote.

Richard asked if there were any other questions about The Treasurer’s Report. The membership thanked Richard for the report and with no further questions the report was approved by unanimous voice vote.

Road Maintenance

Bob Miller, Member at Large, presented the Road Report. He began by addressing issues about snow removal. He explained that the Association’s snow removal contractor, Garlan Funkhouser, had used a tractor which resulting in removing the road crown and depositing gravel on properties. Bob has spoken with Garlan and in the future, the tractor will only be used when necessary.

Bob informed the Association that he visited the WVDOT office in Moorefield and also talked with two WVDOT employees surveying Settlers Valley Way about the erosion at the culvert on the lower portion. Belynda reminded the Association that the state owns and maintains the portion of Settlers Valley Way from Mill Gap to the Whispering Pines split. She noted that Association members have contacted the state a number of times about maintenance on the section. She stated that if the state did not adequately maintain it, we may need to consider having the Association do it.

Belynda noted that the snow plowing removed road material, some of which ended up in drainage ditches and culverts. This was followed by heavy rains in the spring. As part of the spring road work, this was corrected.

Abbie Chessler noted that the trees and brush along Spurs Access needed trimming. Belynda noted that the last time trimming was done was in 2012 and that the Board anticipates doing it again this fall; however, if areas need it now, we can arrange to do it.

Bob noted that there is a lot of wash-boarding on Wildlife Drive and Fox-Squirrel. This is caused primarily by speeding so he reminded the members of the importance driving the speed limit.

Blair Mastal requested that the Board post the telephone number of the contact at the West Virginia Department of Transportation on the Association website so that members can call to request maintenance on the state owned portion of Settlers Valley Way.

Amendments to Bylaws

The next items of business were the two proposals to amend the Bylaws.

Proposal 1: To amend Article II, Section 3 of the Bylaws to provide for optional notice of meetings by e-mail. This amendment will provide for a more convenient method of notice for members who choose this option and will also save the Association mailing costs. E-mail notice will only be provided to members who choose the option.

Section 3. Notice of Meeting. Written notice of each meeting of the Members shall be given by mailing a copy of such notice, postage prepaid, or by e-mail (if such Member has previously consented ) at least fifteen (15) days but not more than thirty (30) days before such meeting to each Member of the Association. This notice shall be sent to the Member’s address or e-mail address last appearing on the books of the Association, or as supplied by such Member to the Association for the purposes of notice. Such notice shall specify the place, day and hour of the meeting, and in the case of a special meeting, the purpose of the meeting.

Upon a motion duly made and seconded, Proposal 1 was approved by a vote of 53 in favor, 14 opposed.

Proposal 2: To amend Article II, Section 5 of the Bylaws to provide for proxies to be submitted immediately prior to the start of the meeting rather than one hour in advance.

Section 5. Proxies. At all meetings of Members, each Member may vote in person or by proxy. All proxies shall be executed in writing, by the Member or his duly authorized attorney, and shall be filed with the Secretary not later than immediately prior to the start of the scheduled meeting. Every proxy shall be revocable and shall automatically cease upon conveyance by the Member of his Lot. A proxy shall cease to be valid one week after the date of its execution unless otherwise provided in the proxy.

Upon a motion duly made and seconded, Proposal 2 was approved by a vote of 62 in favor, 4 opposed.

Construction Requests

Belynda reminded members that the construction request form is available on the Association website (www.lrvpoa.org).

Election of Officers

The Association then conducted the election of officers for term of office from July 1, 2013 through June 30, 2014. The following Association members sought election to the Board of Directors:

President: Belynda Hicks
Vice President: Phil Robey
Treasurer: Richard Parry
Secretary: Bret Limage
Member at Large: Bob Miller

The floor was opened for additional nominations. No additional nominations were made. The slate of officers was approved unanimously by voice vote.

Open Discussion

Belynda opened the discussion by addressing a discussion at last year’s meeting about the Association having a Facebook page. She noted that not all Association members are on Facebook, so that it would not be a good forum for the Board to communicate with members. As far as members looking to share information, she noted that several forums already exist on Facebook (Friends of Lost River Valley, WV and Lost River Social Guild).

Harold Turner followed up on another topic from last year’s meeting: the status of the Association’s registration as a corporation. Richard Parry stated that the Board would need to check with its attorney and insurance broker to understand what the benefits are.

Members questioned whether the Board could put together a directory of Association members, with names of owners and contact information. There was a discussion of privacy concerns. Joe Keyerleber noted that the Board already had the information and that the name of the property owner is public information. He stated that it would be useful if there is a problem that a member wants to report to the owner.

There being no further business, the 2013 Annual meeting of the LRVPOA was adjourned.

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