2012 Meeting Minutes


Lost River Valley Property Owners’ Association
Annual Meeting
June 2, 2012

Call to Order

The Association President, Karen Imhoff, called the Annual Meeting to order at 1:10 pm and noted that a quorum of the membership was present. Karen introduced the members of the Board of Directors. Present were: Bob Alcock, Vice President, Belynda Hicks, Secretary, Greg Thomas, Treasurer and Bret Limage, Member-At-Large.

Karen directed the membership’s attention to the meeting agenda and asked if there were any additions to which the membership responded there were not.

Minutes of the 2011 Annual Meeting

Karen presented the minutes of the 2011 Annual Meeting to the membership and after establishing there were no corrections or additions, asked that they be approved. Minutes were approved unanimously by voice vote.

Karen welcomed Scott Sherman and Heather Robbins from Hardy Telecommunications to the Annual meeting. Ms. Robbins presented a short introduction to Hardy Telecommunications and the OneNet fiber service that will be available in the LRV area. Mr. Sherman went over the installation process in some detail. As the fiber install was being financed by federal grant money, progress has been delayed due to the need for environmental and archeological preservation review. Installation is expected to begin in the summer of 2012. Lost River was prioritized as 7th out of 51 sites within WV; Moorefield, Wardensville and Lost River are sites within Hardy County that will be addressed first. Switchover to HardyOneNet should be seamless; no retrofitting of current wiring in home required. Hardy Telcom will take advantage of existing wiring if feasible. If existing buried telephone conduit is available, they may be able to use, or else they will be burying new conduit. In cases where Hardy Telcom has to dig, they will employ trench plowing where possible to minimize impact on landscape. There will be no direct effect on access to cell phone service with the install of fiber, but it would potentially make areas more enticing to cell phone companies. The original repeater stations (old copper facilities) will stay in place as not all residents will immediately switch over to fiber; however, Hardy Telcom will eventually look to retire these.

Bob Alcock, Association Vice-President, gave an update on cell phone towers. Global Towers has options with landowners at three sites: (1) hill behind Lost River Grill, (2) Mathias and (3) down 259 near WV/VA state line. Carriers must contract with Global Towers before towers will be built; as of now, only Shental/Sprint have opened discussions with Global. AT&T; and Verizon are likely more focused on 4G deployment in existing, high-density locations. Bob Alcock stated that AT&T; has a tower on Bear’s Hell near Baker and Sprint has a tower between Baker and Wardensville. The Hardy County planning commission will need to conduct a public hearing before voting on a permit for a new tower , so keeping an eye out for this step in the legal advertisement section of the Moorefield Examiner is a good way to know when a cell tower may be built.

Bob noted the recent issues with power outages and the extended time needed for repairs. Much of the electrical equipment within the Association has deteriorated and is need of repair and/or replacement. Potomac Valley recently replaced the box in the vicinity of Chester Miller’s farm on Settlers Valley Way and buried new power lines in conduit at a depth of three feet. This will allow for rapid repair and replace actions as necessary. PVEC will work to replace the most troublesome parts of the electrical system within the Association over the next several years.

Treasurer’s Report

Greg Thomas, Treasurer, provided the Treasurer’s Report. He began by directing the membership’s attention to the 2011 Financial Summary.

The actual income for 2011 of $48,297 exceeded the projected income of $42,200. The additional income was due to the receipt of delinquent road fees which were collected in 2011, as well as voluntary contributions and construction fees. Greg thanked the membership for paying the voluntary construction fee and asked that they continue to do so in the future. The actual expenses of $34,146 were below the budgeted projection of $42,700 due in large part to the reduced need for snow removal and savings in the cost of tree trimming. Tree trimming was less than half the projected budgeted amount after having used a boom trimmer which was much less time consuming and labor intensive than the manual tree trimming the Association has done in past years. Greg also informed the Association that a contribution to the reserve fund of $2,500 brings us very close to our goal of one year’s expense budget. The reserve fund at the end of 2011 totaled $41,690. On behalf of the Board of Directors, Greg expressed appreciation for those who had contributed to the reserve fund and encouraged the membership to make contributions in the future.

The Board of Directors agreed that an increase in fees would not be necessary for 2012, thus making it the fourth year in a row assessments were not increased.

He then directed the membership’s attention to the 2012 Financial Projection. The projected expense for 2012 is approximately $53,700. The goal of the Board of Directors is to have one year of expense budget in the reserve fund. The 2012 projected reserve fund will be approximately $58,000, which meets this goal. This is due to the diligent work by current and past board members towards reducing expenditures and collecting fees owed the association. Additionally, thanks are owed to the many association members that contributed voluntarily to this fund over the last five years. These funds are maintained within three Certificates of Deposit (CDs) that return 2-3% interest but maintain the liquidity needed for reserve funds.

The Board of Directors has continued to seek payment from members who are delinquent in paying their annual fees. Greg Thomas stated there are a small number of members that are delinquent. The Board of Directors has been more aggressive in collecting fees and in 2010 started to file liens against those who have not paid for several years. Three liens are still outstanding. Outstanding fees continue to accrue interest; however, the liens are not being updated with additional fees or interest owed. Currently there are five property owners who have not paid their fees for 2012.

Greg Thomas asked if there were any other questions about The Treasurer’s Report. The membership thanked Greg for the report and with no further questions the report was approved by unanimous voice vote.

Road Maintenance

Bret Limage, Member at Large, began by explaining to the membership that he and other Board members survey the roads in the spring and fall and give our contractor, Keith Dove a list of work to be done on Association roads. In October 2011, Karen and Bret surveyed our roads and developed a list of projects for the Fall roadwork. They also met with the road contractor to discuss drainage issues on the Fox-Squirrel hill and on Valley View. Also at that time, we hired someone to fill in the potholes. The rest of the fall road work, which consists mainly of cleaning ditches and culverts, occurred in mid-December. In mid-March, we again had potholes filled.

Due to the unusually wet spring in 2011, a majority of the Board determined that we should again engage the boom trimmer contractor to trim the trees and brush along the roadside ditches. This work was done in mid-February. Although the contractor was instructed to follow the same parameters as the previous year (15′ above ditches, 25′ above the roads), he was more aggressive than before. To the extent this contractor is used again in the future, the Board will advise him to be less aggressive and follow the parameters.

The roads were plowed once during the last winter (the Halloween weekend snow storm) and cinders were put down once. With respect to the plowing, there were areas where a significant amount of gravel was pushed into the ditch or into residents’ lots. In discussing this with the contractor, the cause appeared to be twofold: (1) the soft road made it difficult to set the blade level of the plow, and (2) sections were plowed wider than normal.

In late April, Belynda Hicks, Association Secretary and Bret surveyed the roads and created a master list of projects to guide our contractor for the spring roadwork. The Association’s roads survived the winter in relatively good shape, but spring rains have caused significant channeling and potholes in some areas. The Board has engaged someone to fill in potholes and anticipate it to be done in the mid-June. The contractor for the major spring road work has had mechanical issues with his grader and is behind schedule. The Board anticipates that the work will commence around June 11. In addition to usual work (cleaning out ditches and culverts, grading and putting down crusher run), projects will include fixing the drainage issue on Valley View and working on the bottom of the big hill on Whispering Pines. This will be similar to the work done in 2008 where the road was scraped and new shale put down and packed with a vibrating roller.

Earl Miller expressed displeasure at the water bar that had been implemented towards the end of Settlers Valley Way.

New Business

Karen Imhoff reminded membership of the construction request form which is available on the LRVPOA website. There had been problems in the past with water runoff from newly installed driveways or cleared land and the construction request has helped reduce those problems; there must be an approved water management plan for major projects, including excavating new driveways and building new houses. The form is submitted to the Board of Directors who reviews the request and meets with the property owner to discuss the plan. There were no questions from membership about the form or the process for submitting one.

Karen Imhoff opened the floor for discussion.

Greg Thomas, Treasurer, made a motion to make a contribution of $500 to the Mathias-Baker fire and rescue department which was agreed to by the membership.

Bob Alcock offered a general reminder about speed limits within the association roads. Adhering to the 15 mph limit as posted on the speed limit signs will help reduce wear and tear on the roads and reduce the expenses of annual road repair. Residents are reminded to pass this guideline along to guests and visitors, as well as delivery trucks.

Fred Spangler noted that he had seen a bear on April 3rd, and Bob Leiston noted that he had seen a bear recently as well.

Brenda Turner inquired as to the status of LRVPOA incorporation. Further investigation is needed into the benefits of incorporation to determine if this is something that the Board should pursue.

Bob Miller offered his experience as a past member of the Corp of Engineers and suggested he would be open to advising on road issues. Greg Thomas offered the opening of Association Board Member-at-Large to anyone who may have interest or expertise in road maintenance and water management.

Election of Officers

The Association then conducted the election of officers for term of office from July 1, 2012 through June 30, 2013. The following Association members sought election to the Board of Directors:

President: Belynda Hicks
Vice President: Phil Robey
Treasurer: Richard Parry
Secretary: Bret Limage
Member at Large: Bob Miller

The floor was opened for additional nominations. No additional nominations were made. The slate of officers was approved unanimously by voice vote.

The 2012 Annual meeting of the LRVPOA was adjourned at 2:22 pm.

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